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Traditional Sweets

With over 300 jars of traditional sweets always in stock you can be sure to find all your favourites... and a few you've probably never heard of!

We still serve sweets by the quarter or in most cases "half a pound".

When was the last time you ordered "a quarter of sweets?"

Over 100 varieties of Liquorice

We have a selection of over 100 varieties of liquorice in stock and this list grows almost weekly.

From the traditional sweets like Pontefract Cakes to a vast array of European liquorice .. we have it all!
Ever tried Salted Liquorice? .. well if you haven't you are in for a treat.

We also have some great liquorice combinations for you to try, for example "Liquorice Banana Monkeys" or "Chilli & Cherry". Yum!

Kids Favourites

Sherbet Fountains, Dip Dab of popping candy??

Remember the days when you'd rush down to the local shop to buy your favourite?
Most of the sweets you remember from your childhood are all still waiting to be rediscovered in our traditional shop.

Pack of Love Hearts anyone?

Over 40 Flavours of Yorkshire Fudge

We have a huge selection of award winning Yorkshire made fudge always in stock.

Our customers regularly tell me its "the best they have ever tasted!" 
Old favourites like Rum and Raisin or Butterscotch Cream rub shoulders with new and exiting flavours such as Salted Caramel or Maple & Walnut.

Which will become your favourite?

American Candy and Sodas

A wide selection of American classics are always available form stock.

Never tried a Twinkie? Now's your chance.
"Hey you guys" - hurry down and grab a Baby Ruth before Sloth buys them all!!

American soda and cereal in stock also.

Whitakers of Skipton

We are proud stockists of one of Skipton's most famous brands,  namely Whitaker#s of Skipton.

We stock a great selection of boxed chocolates and of course there famous plain Fudge. 
No party or family gathering in Skipton is complete without a box of mint wafers... right??

Some customers come to the town specifically for the fudge its that good!

Wedding and Corporate Events

If you are getting married or celebrating any event, let us provide some colour with a great selection of sweets to compliment any colour scheme or theme.
Candy Buffet Price List
We offer a great service and give generous discounts for bulk purchases so why not give is a call or pop in to discuss your requirements.
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